harness  kit
A great way to get yourself and dog fit whilst enjoying yourself.

 If you currently run with your dog you are most of the way for being fit enough to run cani-cross.

 The best way to get general fitness for your dog would be to run the dog off-lead as much as you can as this allows the dog to generate its natural pace which can be achieved on open fields, paths and the beach. They can also learn to run in and around you making you the focus point whilst out and also helps with the dogs recall.

 When running in harness the dog learns to run in front of you pulling and learning left and right commands every time you take a turning. You can also add commands like easy which you can add whilst running down hill. The dogs learn these very quickly.

 It's always good to keep the dog focused when in harness I.e running forward and not straying off-path as this helps them become aware that they are now working and the job in hand is to pull. This then becomes exciting for them as they want to be pulling and focusing on the run alone.

 Equipment - It is important to have the right equipment especially for your dog as this will allow the dog to pull with no restriction from breathing and having the best pulling points through the dogs body. This then has no strain on one part of the dogs body.

 The fit of the harness is also important as this can also affect the pull through the dogs body so it's worth seeking the best advice when getting a harness for your dog.

 There are also waistbelts for you in varying styles to achieve the most comfortable fit. All have pulling points to enhance a more efficient running style alllowing you to be pulled creating less fatigue from your legs and back.

 We only recommend Non-stop canicross equipment as we have used it ourselves

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